Breggos has burritos.
Mame's Burritos: bacon, sausage, chicken.

Breggos® - A Delicious 'Meal in One' Panini Sandwich

Breggos® are made with a delicious combination of ingredients, perfect for those looking for a meal on the go! All of our handmade Breggos® paninis are wrapped in our fresh bread dough.
We currently have 11 unique flavors (6 breakfast and 5 lunch) with more on the way. Gluten-Free and Gluten-Free/Dairy Free options, too.  Check our product list for details.
Inspired by Italian calzones, a perfect, portable treat was created: Breggos!  As the ideal grab-and-go energy food, Breggos are a tasty balance of protein and carbohydrates to get active, hungry people through the day.


New GLUTEN-FREE products coming soon.
View the full details.

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